Introducing the “choose yourself” distribution platform for filmmakers

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The time is nigh to choose yourself. No more waiting around for a distributor to pick you up. No more waiting around and letting your feature or short film collect dust on a shelf. Start making money. And start making it now. Spotify has done this with music. Anyone can upload their music and build an audience. Similarly, we work with filmmakers to distribute their feature or short films. How? However they choose (surprise surprise). By uploading their film to our platform, we get them in theaters as well as aggregating their film on a variety of streaming platforms such as Amazon, Kanopy and our own streaming service, using our mobile app.


Filmmakers envision their film on the big screen and we want to share their story using this medium. We work with theaters to make this happen at a reasonable cost. We then create content in the form of blogging, SEO and social media to aggregate an audience. Once we pre-sell enough tickets, we green light the location and venue. Most screenings will be off-peak days (Mon – Thurs). We build an event around your film, allowing you to connect with your audience in person and build community.  This is the way it should be. We don’t gamble, we calculate. Anyone can upload and anyone can get in theaters.


Want to skip theatrical and go straight to streaming? Great, filmmaker choice. We like that game. By uploading your film and other materials (one sheet, closed captioning file, etc). AirFive then aggregates this to streaming sites such as Amazon, Kanopy and even our own streaming platform. We have our own mobile app so people can watch on the go. They can discover new filmmakers and connect with them inside. We create paywalls and email walls, so you can collect emails to build your community and/or payments. This is the ultimate experience in building an audience for your filmmaking future.


Some people tell me, “OK when I’m ready, I will definitely use this.” I say to that, “it’s never too early to start building your community.” By partnering with AirFive, we build content around you and your film. Then we help market. This is called building the buzz. We want to help you build your buzz well before your film comes out. The longer the runway we have to build your buzz, the larger your audience will be and the more passionate your community will be.

We want be as transparent as possible. This is how we lead. We also wan to work with our filmmakers one-on-one for as long as we can! So we’ll see you aboard the USS AirFive, as we build something truly unique and truly disruptive.


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