About Us

There are so many great stories out there and we want to be able to tell them ALL. We facilitate story telling the way it ought to be: through community. Current distributors only release the stories they want you to see. We democratize distribution of story telling by putting it in consumers hands and letting them choose.

Meet the Doers

Jeremy Redman

Founder & Chief Everything Officer. Always got my head in the clouds, although I am only 5’ 7”. Somehow I manage. Behind every action you’ll see my passion.

Natalie Gregory

She knows success when she sees it, so that’s why we put her In charge of customer success.

Deborah Ryan

Finance stuff and loves her interns

Anil Gautam

Developer at AirFive. Developing all things development. For nearly a decade.

Mike Callin

Mike will show up when he’s needed! Always

Zach Sekar

Spends all his time with his dog, Ninji. And runs events like a boss.