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Filmmakers + AirFive = Data Driven Platform

We build sites and apps to connect to your audience using the best technology and the right data to succeed.

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Seriously, anyone can use this platform. Build your own app or let us build you a website for your film and get in touch with your audience. Collect data to help connect your film to the right audience.

Step 1

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Step 2

Build your app or site and create custom content for your film to build your audience and get connected.

Step 3

By building content (aka blog, trailers, SEO, social media posts) use data collected from your site and apps to see how your film succeeds with its audience.



Build a custom platform for your film

We give you the platforms and tools to make sure your film succeeds and gets the attention it deserves. Build custom content and a platform for your audience to learn more about the film and get connected.

Build Your Community + Fanbase.

Once you’re on the AirFive platform, it’s easy to build your audience, connect with other filmmakers, and share your work with industry veterans who are looking for your next big idea.

Keep It Going!

There’s no limit to the age, length, or number of content you can upload. Make a site for your big film or project and build a fanbase. Make sure your film stands out from the rest and build an online presence. Using the best tools and data there’s no telling where your film can go.


AirFive Transparency

We don’t make promises. We help you the best we can and we stay honest with our real-time reportings for you as a filmmaker. When we work together, we can truly get take your project to greater heights.

DIY- App Builder

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2 Payments



($1,000 savings)


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*We give back

We give a portion of ticket proceeds to film schools and other amatuer art programs across the country.


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Increased traffic = $

It’s simple. Through building site and app traffic you build a bigger audience for your film. By building custom and optimized content through personalized data collection you can grow engagement and build buzz for your film.

Common Questions

OK! So I signed up, now what?

Now tell your friends and family about your screening event and share it on social media, using the sign up link we give you. We then find a place to screen it and a date we negotiate with the theater, community center, park or wherever else.

How do I know what’s playing near me and how do I buy a ticket?

Two ways and their both simple: (1) download our AirFive mobile app, available on the iOS app store or Google Play store OR (2) get a link from the filmmaker.

So I could not sell enough tickets, what now?

Friends and family are pretty forgiving and flexible, so we will work to find a date and venue that matches. Then we will update them as needed. If it doesnt end up happening, no worries. We will refund anyone who bought a ticket.

What format do I send the film to AirFive in?

For an additional fee we can create a DCP for you. Most theaters accept DVDs and/or Blu-rays so you don’t have to worry about the additional costs associated with the DCP. Either or. Again, it’s all your choice 😉

Does my project have to be big time?

No. We work with people who just want to network around their short films as well. They play them at a theater, hold a Q&A and make it a social gathering for their friends, family and others who bought tickets to come. This builds community for you.

How will I know my screening is happening for sure?

We will give you the minimum number of tickets that need to be sold based on a number of variables like what venue or what date/time, etc (we’ll be negotiating with the venue). While you’re getting friends and family to attend, we’ll be helping you market as well. And we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Could I book it myself?

Sure. But do you want to? You’re the creative, so you should focus on creating 😉 We have relationships with venues through our platform that can help with things like prices. We also use out technology to entice people to show up through rewards in our mobile app, as well as build content.